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Thomson Realty Limited knows that its job is to help our customers and clients see the deal as it is

Thomson Realty Limited provides comprehensive commercial real estate services and resources. We have established an extensive network since the company s formation in 1990, by building on our principle s many years in all areas of the real estate business. Our business focus is western Canada, although we do go where our customers go, which means everywhere from the USA to Australia. Thomson is committed to providing the best services for its customers and clients anywhere.

Thomson restricts its number of customers and clients in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Thomson sets these limits to free the firm to provide the attention to detail and to transactions that sophisticated realty customers and clients require. Thomson is left free to solely pursue our customers and clients interests because we do not engage in transactional dual agency. Whether it is box retail tenant representation, geo-demographic studies and related spatial information graphics, land acquisition and development management, leasing or investment sales and acquisitions, Thomson can help you.

Thomson is seen by its customers as being intuitive, experienced, informed and diligent. Thomson has superior commercial real estate skill sets and technology to give timely, appropriate analysis and advice for any real estate transaction. Thomson has a firm policy of single agency. It is through these strengths that Thomson Realty Limited is able to help its customers and clients accomplish their commercial real estate goals.

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