Investment Sales & Acquisitions

Thomson Realty Limited has the experience and superior negotiating skills to manage an investment sale or acquisition transactional process to your best benefit. Thomson, through the use all our location and site analyses tools, substantive due diligence process and simple residual value analyses, will achieve the fair and advantaged value for buyer or seller. This includes everything from municipal planning reviews and land use to establishing retail market lot value data needed to calculate the raw land residual value for subdivision land.

Thomson keeps its investment focus on and provides services for:

  • Never confusing market or opportunity with cost in an acquisition or sale;
  • Location & Site Analyses including rent trends and market rents at the time of completing the transaction to better to ensure the long term viability of the acquisition, or in the event of a sale, that no money is being left on the table;
  • Co-ordinating all necessary due diligence;
  • Structuring sales contracts to maximize the benefits of the transaction for both Vendor and Purchaser. We supervise the solicitors and the legal process on behalf of our clients and customers if they wish us to do so;
  • The use of econometric and geo-demographic market profiles with spatial information graphics to substantiate a business case for the purpose of securing long term financing, and development lines of credit;
  • Municipal planning reviews and land use;
  • Residual Value Calculations;
  • Transparent transactional services and practices.

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